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Bali island is the one of most popular tourism destination in the world and one of the tourism object that also very famous in Bali is Penglipuran Village. Penglipuran Village is a Unique and Exotic Traditional Culture Village in Bali, located in Bangli Regency about 45 km from Denpasar. This village is one of the tourist spot that easy to visit, because of its location is in the main street of Kintamani – Bangli. The local paople at Penglipuran Village still upholds their traditional culture. Its nature culture can be notice when visitor enter the village area. On Catus Pata area which is a border to enter this village. Over here, there is a village meeting community facilities and arrangement and an open outdoor yard as a welcoming symbol for the visitors.

One of the best thing about this village compare with the other village in Bali is that the front houses shape are look alike from the edge of the main village until downstream of village. The houses are order properly that the main area is located in a higher place and keep on decreasing until the downstream area. The houses exist in this countryside from north to the south is look very beautiful in particular the Balinese traditional entrance gate which are made similar each other. The structure of house building between one house and others are equal in particular to condition, form, size and function from the building except building of family bed room is free form. The family temple building is places the same direction to the Agung Mount, kitchen is located in upstate from the lawn and the building of Bale Sakaenem is the six beamed building which its function for ceremony place. The place for look after the livestock and the place to plant assorted vegetable are referred as non irrigated dry field which is called Teba. Despite of their same shape of physical look they also use the same materials in making the houses. Apart has same front, home material was also similar, except family residence, such as ground for wall and bamboo for the roof, it is predominated by substance from bamboo because around this village is bamboo producer.

The village is lead by a leader which is Bendesa or Kelian or Penyarikan or Patengan and he/she is assisted by Sinoman. The social system is recognized by the 12 group terms that are number 1 until 12 as member of Pemerincik that is commissioned member converse the problem or plan and its result is submitted to the member. They are very trusting of 12 groups and have represented the tradition in heritage away back. The consanguinity system in this village is Patrilinial system that is according to father lineage. The village religion leader is called as Jero Bayan which is consisted of 3 Jero Bayans that is a Jero Bayan Mucuk and 2 people of Jero Bayan Nyoman.

The specific cultural potential like pattern of building architecture remains to be traditional, the beautiful nature and environment with cool atmosphere, hence this village is the ideal place to visit during your vacation in Bali, local people also are very friendly and welcome to the visitors. A lot of tourist who dropped by can enter their houses and enjoy the scenery when the local people make handy craft, so it will be a wonderful time to spend here.

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